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Our fees are transparent and competitive. We do not charge VAT and there are no hidden fees or costs. To order or for further help and information please contact us.

Tenant Fees

First applicant: £125

Subsequent applicants and/or any guarantor: £45 each

Holding Deposit (Reservation Fee): £200 (this will be deducted from the first months rent)

Deposit: Minimum of one months rental amount

Additional pet deposit: £250 (this is to cover the additional risk of property damage)

Contract amendment fee: £50

Renewal fee: £50 (tenants share)

Document/Letter/Reference request fee: £25 each

Lost key fee: £50

Landlord Fees

We offer a competitive fee structure and can offer reductions on our standard charges for multiple property portfolios. We are committed to investment landlords and savings can be made on the smallest of portfolios. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Free 6 Months Rent Protection Warranty and £50,000 Legal Cover on All New Lets.
*Terms & conditions apply.

Initial admin fee: £100

Inventory fee: £60

Renewal fee: £50 (landlords share)

Management fee with Rent Protection Warranty and £50,000 Legal Cover: 8% within Rochdale. 10% in all other areas.
Subject to a minimum fee of £35pcm within Rochdale and £45pcm in all other areas.

Management fee without with Rent Protection Warranty: 6% within Rochdale. 8% in all other areas.
Subject to a minimum fee of £30pcm within Rochdale and £40pcm in all other areas.

Letting Only fee: 2 weeks rent plus £100

*The above fees are non refundable.

Landlord Support Services

Experienced landlords may wish to manage their own property portfolios but from time to time may need to access certain services. Please see our Insurance and Protection page for further details.
Savings can be made on block or multiple purchases. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Landlord Support Service Fees

Credit check: £12.50

Credit check plus: £35 (verifies 'right to rent' and immigration status)

Guarantor reference: £35

Full reference: £35

Full reference plus: £75 (verifies 'right to rent' and includes Home Office £3000 penalty cover)

EPC: £45

Gas safety check: (CP12): £65 for up to 2 appliances, £25 per appliance thereafter

Electrical installation condition report (EICR): £95

Rent Protection Warranty with £50,000 Legal Cover:
The price of rent protection warranty depends on the type of tenant and the length of cover needed. Please refer to the credit checks and references above to help understand the prices below.
* FREE relevant reference/credit check provided when ordering a Per Tenant policy

Product Type Reference Type Cost
Per Tenant 6 Month
Best Seller!
Full Reference £60
Per Tenant 6 Month Swift Credit Check £70
Per Tenant 6 Month Swift Plus Credit Check Plus £80
Per Tenant on Benefits 6 Month Full Reference £80
Per Tenant 6 Month Plus Full Reference Plus £75
Per Tenant 12 Month
Best Seller!
Full Reference £95
Per Tenant on Benefits 12 Month Full Reference £125
Per Tenant 12 Month Plus Full Reference £125
Per Property 6 Month Full Reference £75
Per Property 12 Month Full Reference £125

Eviction Service Fees

Pre court warning letter: £25

Preparation and service of a Section 21 or Section 8 Notice: £60 or £90 for both

Issuing court proceedings: £295 (including free legal representation at one court hearing. Does not include court fees)

Representation in court: £175 (does not include court fees)

Requesting a Warrant or Writ: £60 (does not include court/warrant/writ fees)

To order any of the above or for further help and information please contact us.

Terms and Conditions

Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

1. Azure Property Services, known within this text as ‘The Company’ and ‘Azure’.
2. The referral fee is £100 and is to be paid in cash via electronic bank transfer after 30 days of the let of a property where the referred landlord has agreed to have their property let and fully managed by Azure. If granted the fee will be transferred to the nominated bank account of the referrer. There is no other substitute. The referral fee is non-transferable. The payee is solely responsible for declaring the payment to HMRC and paying any applicable National Insurance and Income Tax that may be due.
3. The referral must be registered with Azure via email providing the name and address of referrer as well as details of the property and the Landlord. These details should be sent to The Company accepts no responsibility for inaccurate information being provided leading to refusal to pay a referral fee. Where more than one person should make claim to a fee, the fee will be paid on a first come, first served basis to whoever emailed full and complete details first. Azure accept no liability for non received emails due to electronic fault or malfunction.
4. The Management’s decision is final.
5. The referrer must seek and be granted specific permission from the Landlord to pass on contact details to Azure.
6. A referral fee is payable only for a new landlord who Azure have not worked for in the past who has instructed us to let a new property which we have not been instructed to perform services on before.
7. A referral fee is payable as set out above, after a period of at least 30 days has elapsed of the tenant moving in to the property that we have been instructed to let and fully manage.
8. Only one referral fee is payable per referral, no matter how many properties the referral instructs us to perform services on.
9. Azure reserve the right to alter or withdraw this promotional scheme at any time without prior notice.
10. These Terms and Conditions are correct as of 1 August 2015.

Express Evictions and Eviction Guaranteed Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is made between the Owner(s)/Landlord(s) of the property for whom services are provided/paid for, hereinafter called "The Owner", and the Agency named above acting as Agent for the Owner, and hereinafter called "The Agent".
1) If a mortgage exists on the property, The Owner must obtain any necessary consent from the lender(s) to proceed.
2) If The Owner is a leaseholder the terms of the lease must be checked and any necessary consent to proceed obtained.
3) The Owner is responsible for all legal costs relating to any instruction by The Owner for any service(s) provided.
4) Whilst The Agent shall use their best judgement in the execution of their service, The Agent shall not under any circumstances be liable for any losses; for any outcome of the service or for any legal costs resulting therefrom.
5) This Agreement will remain in force until terminated by written notice by one party on the other provided that The Agent may terminate this Agreement forthwith and without service of notice in the event of any action or omission by The Owner or The Owner's representative which frustrates the continued performance of The Agent's service.
6) The Agent will in no event be liable to any party for any: costs; loss of profits; loss of business; loss of revenue; loss of or damage to property; loss of savings (whether anticipated or otherwise); and/or any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage.
8) On your behalf and acting as your agent we will instruct our lawyers to attend hearings in the County Courts strictly in accordance with your instructions.
9) To obtain a refund for any Express Evictions service customers must email within 30 days from the initial date of order to make a claim.
10) The Agent will only refund for services where there was an error or omission made by The Agent. If the error or omission was made due to incorrect information being provided by any other party then no refund will be made.
11) The Agent will, if appropriate, refund only fees paid to The Agent for services provided by The Agent. As stated above The Agent will not be liable for any other costs or losses for any reason.
12) The Agent are not a law firm nor solicitors and nor do they purport to be. They are not, nor are they required to be, regulated by the law Society or the SRA.
13) Free legal representation in court is limited to one hearing, regardless of the outcome of that hearing.
14) Free initial advice and the free initial case review is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes of the advisors' time.
15) Any person instructing us or making payment on behalf of The Owner confirm they have received any relevant permission and authority.
16) By making payment for any "Express Eviction" service The Owner accepts and agrees to these terms and conditions.
17) The Management’s decision is final.

Free Rent Guarantee Terms and Conditions

1. Azure Property Services, known within this text as ‘The Company’ and ‘Azure’.
2. The free rent guarantee applies to all new business only.
3. The free rent guarantee will be applied to properties which are fully managed by Azure.
4. The free rent guarantee will be limited to a period of 6 months from tenancy commencement.
5. The free rent guarantee is subject to satisfactory references of the tenant.

For further help and information please contact us.