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Azure Property Services are experts in obtaining possession for landlords. Our experienced staff have dealt with almost every eviction scenario imaginable and can advise on the best way forward to minimise costs and reduce losses. The sooner you act the sooner we can help, delays can be expensive.
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There are 3 stages to the process, with each stage having a fixed price, with no hidden costs. To order, for further help and information or TO BOOK A FREE CASE REVIEW please contact us.

Stage 1. Serving a Section 8 or a Section 21 Notice
£60 for one or £90 for both

In all cases of possession you must give written notice. The notice must be in a prescribed form, filled in correctly and served properly. One of the most common reasons a possession claim is thrown out of court is a defective notice. It's very important to get this stage right. If issues are not resolved after sending the pre court warning letter we will prepare and serve either a Section 8 Notice or a Section 21 Notice or both. Which notices are served will depend on the type of tenancy in use and the circumstances.

Being served a notice is when most tenants realise how serious the situation is. Over half of tenants resolve any issues, pay the rent or leave the property.

The cost for Stage 1 is a fixed fee of £60 for one or £90 for both.

*If you have already served notices we can check them before moving on to the next stage.

Stage 2. Issuing Court Proceedings - £295

If the tenant doesn't leave by the date stated in the Section 8 Notice or Section 21 Notice possession proceedings can commence. Possession can only be granted by a court. Gaining possession by any other means could be unlawful and a criminal offence.

There are 2 different methods by which possession applications can be made. The method used will depend on which notice was served, the type of tenancy and the circumstances. We will prepare the correct possession order paperwork for you and help you throughout this entire stage.

Most firms charge extra for a legal advocate to represent you in court when in most cases there is no court hearing and this is not needed. If the matter does progress to a hearing we will arrange for a landlord and tenant specialist law court advocate to represent you in court for FREE at the first hearing.
For any subsequent hearings a fee of £175 is payable for legal representation.

The cost for Stage 2 is a fixed fee of £295. (This does not include the court fee which is currently £355).

*If possession is needed urgently we can apply to have the case transferred to The High Court for an additional fixed fee of £150 (transferring the case can speed things up at Stage 3 but the transfer is at the discretion of The County Court and the outcome cannot be guaranteed, court fees not included).

Stage 3. Requesting a Warrant or Writ for Possession (Eviction Stage) - £60.

For the few tenants that don't comply with the court order from Stage 2 we can take action to enforce the order. Stage 3 is applying to either the The County Court for a Warrant or The High Court for a Writ.

A Warrant is enforced by a County Court Bailiff and a Writ is enforced by a High Court Enforcement Officer.
A Warrant is cheaper but can take a few weeks to be executed, a Writ is more expensive but is usually executed within 48 hours. At this stage the Bailiff or the High Court Enforcement Officer will arrange a date to evict the tenant(s).

The cost for Stage 3 is a fixed fee of £60 (this does not include court/warrant/writ fees).

*If you have already have a court order and want to proceed with an eviction we may be able to organise an eviction in just a few days, please contact us for further details.

We can help where possession is required but:
  • There is no tenancy agreement.
  • The deposit wasn't protected or was incorrectly protected.
  • The deposit prescribed information wasn't served or was incorrectly served.

To order or for further help and information please contact us.